About this blog

This blog is a collection of some of the best PTC sites. Here I list the sites that have worked the best for me, and I also include a few introductions for anyone knew to this type of industry.


The Best PTC sites

Clix.vc (recommended!)

Payout: $2.20 PP
Standard + Upgraded: 0.1-2c links
Referral clicks: Standard- 60%, Upgraded- 60%
Standard: 10+ ads daily, Upgraded: 12+ ads daily

Pays within 24 hrs!

-1st payment- -2nd payment- -3rd payment-

MyPTCClicks (recommended!)

Payout: $1 AP + PP, $5 Check
Standard + Upgraded: 0.25-1c links
Referral clicks: Standard: 15%, Upgraded: 25-65%
Standard + Upgraded: 10+ ads daily

Trusted and active admin! 


Payout: $5.50 AP + PP, $4 E-Gold
Standard + Upgraded: 0.25-1c links
Referral clicks: Standard: 40%, Upgraded: 80-100%
Standard + Upgraded: 15+ ads daily

Up since December 2007 and still paying in 24 hrs!


Payout: $2 first time, $3 second time,...,$10 AP+PP
Standard: 1c-1.5c links, Upgraded: 1c-2c links, Ultimate- 2c links
Referral clicks: Standard- 0.5c-1c, Upgraded- 1c-2c, Ultimate- 2c
Standard: 4+ ads daily, Upgraded: 9-12+ ads daily

Has instant payments- never been late!

-1st payment- -2nd payment-

PPLinx (recommended!)

Payout: $1 AP
Standard + Upgraded: 0.01-1c links 
Referral clicks: Standard- 25%, Upgraded- 35%
Standard: 20+ ads daily, Upgraded: 20+ ads daily

Owned by tixepower- a trusted member of many PTC sites!


Payout: $1 AP + PP and $0.01 PP for premium
Standard + Upgraded: 0.1c links
Referral clicks: Standard- 20%, Upgraded- 20%-125%
Standard + Upgraded: 17+ ads daily

Pays within three days
26/03/09: Reached the 10000 member milestone! Click here to read the bonuses!

-1st payment-


Payout: $2 AP+PP
Standard + Upgraded: 0.1-1c
Referral clicksStandard- 20%, Upgraded- 80%
Standard: 15+ ads daily, Upgraded70+ ads daily

Great advertising result!

Other GPT sites

Gomez Peer

Gomez Peer is a site where you can earn your money just for keeping your PC on! The Gomez Peer program that you download obtains small pieces of information about your activity and sends it to the Gomez Peer servers. You also earn $1 for every active referral!